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      Promoting the revolution of energy production and consumption (2035)
      Strategic Emerging Industries
      Development Strategy of Marine Equipment
      Strategic Research on China’s Laser Technology and Its Application by 2035
      “Internet Plus” Development Strategy
      Automobile Power
      Agricultural Resources And Environment
      Bridge Engineering
      Belt and Road Construction
      China’s Railway
      China’s Engineering Science and Technology in 2035
      Cyberspace Security
      Chemical Engineering Technology
      Consulting project on energy
      Disruptive Technology
      Development Strategy of New Generation of Industrial Internet Security Technology
      Energy Technology Revolution
      Eco-Civilization Construction
      Engineering Management
      Food Security
      Frontier of Engineering
      Internet Plus Action Plan Development Strategy (2035)
      Manufacturing power
      Mineral Resources Rower
      Materials used for New Generation Nuclear Power Plants
      material technology
      Metallurgical Technology
      National Health and Medicine
      New-Generation Intelligent Manufacturing Development Strategy
      Network Power
      Planning, Construction and Management of Villages and Towns
      Pile foundation technology
      Research on maritime power strategy
      Research on seismic detection and Defense Technology
      Structure Safety of Transportation Infrastructure
      Strategic Research on China’s Laser Technology and Its Application by 2035
      Strategy Study of Cyberspace Security
      The Green & Circular Development Strategy of the Qinba Mountain Area (Phase II)
      Tunneling technology
      Urban Underground Space Development
      Warship Equipment Support