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      Additive Manufacturing
      Applied Geophysics
      Artificial Intelligence
      Animal Disease Research
      Bridge Engineering
      Clean Energy
      Crop Genetics and Breeding
      Climate Change
      Coronavirus Disease 2019
      Clean Power Technology
      Deep Matter& Energy
      Efficient Exploitation of Deep Mineral Resources
      Environmental Protection
      Engines and Fuels
      Energetic Materials and Interdisciplinary Science
      Food Safety and Health
      Frontiers of Chemical Engineering
      Green Chemical Engineering
      Green Industrial Processes
      Green Plant Protection Innovation
      Hydro Projects
      High Performance Structures: Building Structures and Materials
      iCity & Big Data
      Intelligent Manufacturing
      Materials Genome Engineering
      Medical Instrumentation
      Medical Additive Manufacturing
      Nuclear Power
      Neural Information Engineering
      Pharmaceutical Engineering
      Precision Engineering
      Rail Transit
      Rare Earth Permanent Magnets
      Smart Process Manufacturing
      Smart Grid and Energy Internet
      Sustainable Infrastructure
      The Grand Challenges
      Tissue Engineering
      Tunnel Engineering
      Traditional Chinese Medicine
      Watershed Ecology
      Water Pollution Control